Technology Update

The concept of inanimate objects with intelligence has been around for ages. In myths, the Greek god Hephaestus forged robot-like servants out of gold. Egyptian engineers carved statues of gods who were animated by priests. In the 17th century, thinkers from Aristotle to René Descartes used tools and logic of their day to describe human thought in symbolic terms. In doing so, they laid the foundation for today’s AI concepts like general knowledge representation.

The Basics of Machine Vision

The fields of automatic inspection, vehicle guidance, and security monitoring all benefit from machine vision. In general, these systems are more accurate when an object is small. However, accuracy can vary considerably. The size of an object is one factor to consider. As with most types of inspection, resolution and …

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What to Expect From KTH

KTH, or the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, is a public research university located in Stockholm, Sweden. The institution conducts research and education in various fields of technology. The university is Sweden’s largest technical university. It is also one of the oldest. Students can expect a high-quality education and a …

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Ericsson 5G Radios for CSPs

Ericsson’s private 5G is based on the company’s dual-mode core technology and has been designed to help CSPs evolve their services while protecting their current services. This is a new way to use mobile networks that helps businesses improve productivity. The device is built to be secure and provides end-to-end …

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Business Information Technology

A doctorate in business information technology is a degree that prepares individuals to apply their knowledge and skills to the management of information systems. Graduates of this degree are prepared to create new products and services by applying their knowledge of business intelligence and decision support systems. This advanced degree …

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Top Trends in Small Business Tech in 2021

With the emergence of new technology, small businesses are no longer left behind when it comes to utilizing it. Whether it is cloud computing, mobile apps, or software unification, tech plays an important role in the modern world of business. The following are the top trends in small business tech …

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Benefits of an MBA in Information Technology Management

The bachelor’s degree in information technology management (B.A.S. IT) program is designed to train and develop students for positions in IT management, IT projects, and computer science. The program also enhances management opportunities, and it can help students advance their careers by giving them a broad understanding of the field. …

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