MajorKey Technologies Acquires Valence Technologies

MajorKey Technologies is a global technology partner focused on cloud-enabled digital transformation. With over 20 years of experience, it guides clients through complex technology landscapes, implements smart choices, and delivers more harmonized technologies for a better user experience. The company offers services in Enterprise Service Management, Identity Access Management, DevOps and Software Development, Managed Services, and Cloud Strategy and Planning. For more information, visit

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MajorKey is an industry leader in business process and service management. It provides services that help clients improve their performance, reduce operational costs, and enhance security. This technology company has recently rebranded from Highmetric and acquired the ServiceNow division of the company. The company is backed by The Acacia Group, and its investment in MajorKey was first announced in May of this year. Valence is a leading technology consulting firm with strong user-centered design and engineering capabilities. With the new name, the company will focus on helping clients achieve their digital goals.

In addition to MajorKey, Valence has grown its team to more than 90 engineers and consultants, working with both public and commercial clients. This merger will expand the company’s services across the tech stack, and strengthen collaboration between the two companies. The two companies have joined forces to provide better customer experiences, while also enhancing the strengths of each. In addition, MajorKey Technologies has now expanded its team to 650 people. With this expansion, the company is looking to continue its growth momentum.

MajorKey Technologies is a global enterprise operations and technology consulting partner. The company has over 500 people and focuses on cloud-enabled digital transformation. The acquisition of Valence expands MajorKey’s service offering and strategic consulting firepower. The acquisition is expected to be successful, and the two companies’ existing leadership will remain in place. The move is intended to boost both the company’s scale and the strength of its combined team.

With the Valence acquisition, MajorKey will focus on growing its core practices, extending its flexible onshore/nearshore delivery model, and leveraging its diverse network of technology partners to provide the most value to its clients. Founded in 2015, the company has expanded rapidly over the past five years, and it continues to grow rapidly. While it is a fast-growing company, it has not yet been profitable and has faced several challenges over the years. It has, however, become a leading global technology partner in the digital transformation market.

The merger has brought MajorKey’s technology team to over 650 employees, with the two companies focusing on delivering great business outcomes for clients. The company’s expertise in the cloud-enabled digital transformation is critical to the success of its clients. Its services help organizations improve customer relationships, improve employee engagement, and improve the overall customer experience. The merger allows the two companies to offer blended teams that serve a variety of industries.

MajorKey Technologies aims to bring harmony to its clients’ digital operations. With the Valence acquisition, the company’s team will focus on strategy, design, and engineering. This combination will also enhance the company’s long-term value to its clients. Its strategic partnerships will help the two companies serve the needs of their respective clients. The rebranding of Valence brings MajorKey’s talent pool to over 650. The two companies are aligned on a common mission: bringing greater harmony and collaboration to their client relationships.

The Acacia Group’s new investments will help MajorKey to expand its core practices and broaden its capabilities and ecosystem of technology partners. The acquisition will increase the company’s ability to offer a wider range of services to its clients and expand its global reach. Moreover, the combined companies will also enhance the capabilities of the combined company. In May, the two companies will rebrand to MajorKey. Besides, the deal has added more than 650 people to the company’s already successful ServiceNow division.

The acquisition of Highmetric by MajorKey will increase its scale and improve its product offering. It will be a key boost to the company’s growth. The deal will also give the company a stronger position in the marketplace. The Acacia Group also plans to invest in the integration of Highmetric’s ServiceNow division. The companies will work to further integrate their technologies and ensure that they will work seamlessly with each other. The merger will enable both companies to deliver better customer experiences.